Music Festival

Art School Girlfriend

Saturday 13 November
6:00 pm ― Oval Space

Torn straight from the pages of her 2019 diary, ‘Is It Light Where You Are’ chronicles a year of seismic change for Art School Girlfriend’s Polly Mackey. After returning from a US tour supporting The Japanese House, Mackey would end her six year relationship and leave Margate, where she lived and co-owned a book shop with her then girlfriend. “The record starts with that feeling of being on the precipice of change,” she explains. “Before deciding to pull everything apart, go through it all and come out the other side.” The album’s first single, and first recorded for the project, ‘In The Middle’ was released in March. Today it’s followed by ‘Softer Side’ and a video by frequent collaborator and Margate throughline Tom Dream.