Music Festival


Thursday 11 November
9:45 pm ― Fire

‘Heartbeats/Heartbreaks’ is the debut album from Caro<3, a French-born but London-based producer, also lead vocalist of the pop three-piece Planet 1999 and signee of future-pop label PC Music. The album is a collection of reveries, inspired by different episodes of the producer’s life, but sonically and emotionally taking roots in her upbringing somewhere by the sea in the South of France. “That’s the thing about the sea,” she explains. “When you look at it, it seems that you’re free to escape anywhere you’d want. It helps to free your imagination.”

With a musical upbringing that ranged from classical piano and vocal training to a keen interest in music production, Caro’s solo artist project is remarkably self-sufficient. Despite some more experimental tendencies, the project is a pop one in essence, influenced by many different genres: some beats more inspired by R&B and hip hop, others more singer/songwriter and even some inspired by emotive film scores. The project also signals a turning point in Caro’s self-confidence as an autonomous artist. “I needed to get to the point where I could just do things without questioning my impulses, without needing someone else to lean on and with the intent to do what I wanted whilst accepting the imperfections of the work and of myself. I love the DIY ethos and I am very attached to singularity.”