Music Festival

Giant Swan

Thursday 11 November
10:00 pm ― Fabric

Inventor of the kick drum, Ringo Starr once said in an interview that all music would be better without guitars. What he didn’t expect however, was for hundreds of sub genres of music to take this concept so literally in the form of something called ‘Dance music’. Some of it really fast, some of it really slow. Whatever the tempo, it was the winning combination of a kick drum and a hi hat that began wow-ing audiences the world over for decades. Over time the clothes got smaller, the drugs got bigger and the music got louder, but it always felt like something was missing… Who was going to fill this empty void? Who would have the sheer GUTS to challenge and re interpret the standards of modern club culture. Well fear not, for we now have a saviour, two saviours in fact, in the form of Robin McStewart and Harry XCX, also known as Giant Swan.

Also performing at the event:

Eartheater, DJ Winggold,