Music Festival

Haich Ber Na

Saturday 13 November
9:30 pm ― Pickle Factory

It’s difficult to know where to place Haich Ber Na. From Depeche Mode to D’Angelo, self taught producer and singer songwriter Haich Ber Na has quickly become the weirdos’ favourite.

One of the UK’s most forward thinking pop acts, his debut and sophomore EP’s ‘Unbalanced’ and ‘Everywhere’s Home’ have paved the way for what is to be his cataclysmic third and finest project ‘From Then ‘Til Now’.

A truly mutual admiration with contemporary artists has seen Haich Ber Na championed as multi-disciplinary producer, singer, writer and director. Forever and always carrying a torch for his origins in grime and rap, Ber Na has expanded and gone on to create genre-bending sonic masterstrokes, taking influence from an assortment of music like plucking fruit from a tree.