Music Festival

Hannah Diamond

Thursday 11 November
11:15 pm ― Fire

Cut into Hannah Diamond and all you’ll find is flesh and blood. She’s a human who’s had her heart broken. That might come as a surprise to anyone who’s followed the narrative applied to the pop musician’s life so far – as the most public-facing figure in the polished and hyperreal PC Music cohort – but it’s true. She was born in Norwich in the summer of 1991 (a gemini). She worked a shitty job in retail like the rest of us. She’s had past lovers who have messed her around so many times you might ponder how she managed to pull herself together. But she has, and emerged stronger, and it’s catalysed the creation of a soul-bearing break up record that tells us who she truly is.

“All pop is a persona,” Hannah Diamond stresses now, six years after she first stepped behind a microphone in the bedroom of PC Music founder A. G. Cook. That obsession with ‘persona’ and the glossy facets of the pop world once transformed Hannah Amond, a young woman from a run-of-the-mill regional English city, into one of the most talked-about left-field music stars with a sparkling new moniker to boot. Nobody had done it quite like her before.