Music Festival

Moses Boyd

Saturday 13 November
9:15 pm ― Hackney Church

For Moses Boyd, it’s been a remarkable journey already. A multi-award winning drummer, producer, composer and BBC 1Xtra resident, fiercely independent and powered by a vast array of influences and experiences, he’s ready to step up onto another plane altogether.

Growing up in Catford in south London, Moses’s childhood was soundtracked by his parents’ collection of gospel, soul, funk, reggae – as well as Bjork, Debussy and Youssou N’Dour. At the time, he says, this eclectic selection seemed normal, “but now I think about it, that’s quite a range for a first generation West Indian woman”.

His first CD was a gift his older brother brought back from a school band trip to Canada (musical talent runs in the family). That CD would “set the tone” for his teens: it was Fly or Die by N.E.R.D. “It’s my favourite record ever. Here’s this black skateboarding punk band, and I was an aspiring skater too.”Moses fell in love with southern hip hop like Outkast and Master P, as well as Tupac, Nas and Jay-Z – and he was also growing up immersed in the uniquely London sound of Grime. “I was surrounded by it. It was normal, because my friends and I were making beats and swapping them via bluetooth, using the ringtone composer on the Nokia 3310, or cheap software like FruityLoops. It was a lived culture, it was right in front of me,” Moses says.

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