Programme & tickets
Music Festival
London 7→13
November 2023

Goya Gumbani

7:15 pm ―
Goya Gumbani

Born to an English-Jamaican mother and Guyanese-South  American father in Brooklyn – NY, Goya’s relocation to South  London in his teens opened a new world of possibilities.  Operating within various collectives throughout the city, Goya’s  decade-long development as an artist and producer reached a  breakthrough when he released his debut self-produced EP  ‘Morta & More Doves’; a dedication to his sister who passed  away in 2018. The release began a prolific period for Goya,  releasing four further projects in the years to come: three  mixtapes — ‘Children of Ra’ produced by Rago Foot, ‘The  Lesser-Known’ produced by Kiina and ‘HGR Presents:  Thousand Months’ produced by Hallowed Ground Recording  — and an EP called ‘GG & Bori Steps Across The Pond’  produced by Bori from NY. ‘Sinu Metu’, a single from the EP,  was chosen as Pitchfork’s must-hear rap song of the day,  remarking that the track was “an introduction to a duo with  chemistry”. Goya’s admiration for the craft of music production  led him to give the producer of each project equal billing to  himself. “What are the words without the beat?” he asks.  Despite his transatlantic upbringing, the flavour of Goya’s work is rooted in NYC hip hop storytelling. As part of a recent profile,  he was named in the NME 100 list of 2021 & ID’s one to watch.  Goya also performed two songs in session for COLORS in Berlin.