Programme & tickets
Music Festival
London 7→13
November 2023

Haley Blais

10th November
St Matthias Church,
Haley Blais

Haley’s defiant scream-into-your-pillow pop anthems have amassed 20 million streams worldwide and sold out headline shows across the US and UK, and it all began in 2014 when she started recording and releasing songs from her bedroom. With her 2018 EP Let Yourself Go providing a breakout success with songs like “Small Foreign Faction” and “Seventeen,” Haley has been shaping her songwriting craft ever since with more infectious melodies and turns-of-phrase that are as humorous as they are poignant. In 2020, Haley released her debut full-length album Below the Salt, produced by Tennis and Louise Burns and led i-D to describe her as “Canada’s nostalgia pop queen.” Haley’s forthcoming sophomore effort Wisecrack is concerned with conscience, morality, and the superego. It’s “bleak but true,” as Haley puts it. “Am I a good person or not? Are we all doing okay? Am I a good daughter? Sister? Partner? Friend?” Haley’s new album is more mature, confessional, focused, and darker than anything she has yet produced. The existential, everyday worries we all contain but rarely share are laid bare across 11 songs exquisitely performed with profundity, grace, and humour. All of Wisecrack is textured and wryly poetic, somewhere between childhood memory and the creation of a new self.