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Music Festival
Nov. 24

ROMERO is an exhilarating burst of hard hitting, punk-laced power-pop that tips its hat to the classics whilst remaining fresh amongst the modern-day punk landscape. Their debut ‘Turn It On!’ is the memorable party, steeped in twist-like dancing, deep and meaningful chats with strangers, air-shredding in the middle of the dancefloor, lover’s tiffs and wrong decisions culminating in a prophetic realisation that these indeed are ‘the days’.

ROMERO waste no time in displaying the shimmering unity of all their parts on the butterflies-inducing opener ‘Talk About It’ which explodes like a new-years firework, swinging listeners into a thrilling cascade of melodic guitar leads played at a neck breaking RAMONES-y pace, before the vocal melody really applies the defibrillators. Title track ‘Turn It On!’ moves your body towards the dancefloor with it’s Debbie Harry swagger and cowbell-pounding energy that crescendos towards a powerful guitar solo. Meanwhile ‘Halfway Out The Door’ and ’White Dress’ bring ROMERO into ballad territory with soaring choruses and a focus on dynamics.